1. Rodney Mark Gardner (“RMG”) is a Solicitor and Managing Director of Miller Gardner Ltd (“MG”), a firm that is pre-eminent amongst claimant law practices in the field of financial mis-selling. In particular MG is by far and away the most experienced and successful claimant law practice in the field of consumer credit, with particular reference to compensation sought by members of the public in respect of mis-selling of payment protection insurance (“PPI”).

2. RMG has single handily pursued claims against lenders and brokers that have been rejected within the voluntary Scheme established by the Regulator from those firms selling PPI, providing for voluntary redress and an appeals procedure to the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”).

3. MG has more cases published by the Law Reports, Lawtel, the Office of Fair Trading Case Portal and the Encyclopaedia of Consumer Credit Consumer Law Reports and otherwise than any other claimant law practice.

4. In particular MG act for Mrs Plevin (“Plevin”) whose claim was soundly rejected by the Trial Judge and which case was appealed successfully to the Court of Appeal only to face a further challenge by the lender before the Supreme Court again dismissed such Appeal in November 2014. The upshot of that decision is that MG are now able to act for huge numbers of people whose claims fall outside of the jurisdiction of the FOS Scheme and/or whose claims have been rejected (c.4 million+ to date).

5. RMG has in his earlier years specialised in corporate finance and advised companies on the stock exchange and junior markets in terms of IPO’s, management buy-outs/buy-ins etc.

6. RMG has also been accredited in previous years by the Law Society including him in a list of specialist personal injury solicitors when acting for claimants who have suffered injury as a result of negligence. (Since relinquished)

7. RMG has also been licensed previously by the Law Society to act as an Insolvency Practitioner having acted for several years earlier in his career for liquidators and receivers in the specialist area of Insolvency. (Since relinquished)

8. RMG has extensive experience in acting for claimants in negligence claims against professionals, and MG is an authorised external trainer, accredited by the Law Society for CPD purposes. RMG has held over 100 training sessions in previous years for Solicitors, Barristers, Claims Companies etc.

9. RMG’s focus now is to concentrate MG’s efforts in bringing suit against banks principally in reliance upon Plevin, for those huge numbers of people who have made unsuccessful claims for PPI compensation, or have not yet claimed.